030522| Ju-myeo-ni 100Q 100A

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By: wooitstheswagking
Post date: 2003.05.22 20:13
Title: Ju-myeo-ni 100Q 100A

①。☆name¿?───── junmyeon

②。☆DOB¿?───── 1991/05/22

③。☆go to which school¿?───── yunjung middle school

④。☆ specialty¿?───── ramyeon,fried egg

⑤。☆favorite food¿?──── everything except dishes that have everything mixed together~~

⑥。☆motto¿?──── you can achieve anything, you only have to start trying ㅋ

⑦。☆nickname¿?──── they call me butter…

⑧。☆most interesting manhwa you’ve read¿?──── naruteo*

⑨。☆neighborhood you go to most frequently?¿?──── yeoeuido why ask something so oxvious**

①ⓞ。☆someone you respect¿?──── no one yet tho

①①。☆favorite color¿?──── blue, turquoise

①②。☆least favorite color¿?──── red ,ㅋ

①③。☆family¿?──── parents and hyung and me

①④。☆ideal type¿?──── girls ㅋㅋ

①⑤。☆favorite TV program¿?─── i watch TV a lot so i like everything

①⑥。☆my personality¿?──── whatever it is, give it a try firstㅇㅇㅇ

①⑦。☆height。blood type。left/right eye vision¿?──── height 160/ AB type/ both are minus though

①⑧。☆first thing you do after waking up in the morning¿?──── wash my face ㅋ

①⑨。☆something you always keep next to you when sleeping¿?──── mobile phone, clock

②ⓞ。☆meeting experience***¿?──── why would i do this ?

②①。☆your thought after looking at the mirror¿?──── this much will doㅎㅎㅎㅎ

②②。☆when do you wanna get married later on¿?──── 30 years old, before becoming an old bachelor

②③。☆when in an empty schoolyard, you would shout¿?──── i’m boredㅇㅇㅇ

②④。☆what you wanna give to your boy/girlfriend the most¿?──── what the girlfriend wants

②⑤。☆something you want to have the most¿?──── as of now, nothing

②⑥。☆your own family when you’re married¿?──── daughter.son. one each ㅋ

②⑦。☆i wanna die at times like thisⅱ¿?──── when i screw up an exam bcs of social, moral

②⑧。☆buddy ID****¿?──── yunhighswagking

②⑨。☆most fun movie you’ve watched¿?──── all are fun

③ⓞ。☆a childish/cringe-worthy movie¿?──── batman ㅋㅋ

③①。☆a movie that made you sad¿?──── they’re all fun to me though

③②。☆do you have someone you love at the moment¿?──── that i dunno either

③③。☆if someone sincerely likes me…¿?──ㅡㅡ i’ll see her face first then date her right away ㅋ

③④。☆favorite music¿?──── cow boy, come back to me *****

③⑤。☆(if you’re a girl)what you don’t like about being a girl¿?──── i’m a boy though

③⑥。☆are you an internet mania now¿?──── are you crazy i’m not

③⑦。☆how long do you plan to live¿?──── as long as possible

③⑧。☆what kind of internet service are you most active at¿?──── i surf other communities too tho.

③⑨。☆the happiness that using internet brings you¿?──── chatting away on buddy

④ⓞ。☆your star sign¿?──── gemini

④①。☆how to get over sleepiness¿?──── wash my face

④②。☆when you see someone of the opposite sex, you first look at¿?──── face first ㅋ

④③。☆what you’re wearing now¿?──── uniform

④④。☆what you treasure the most¿?──── mobile phone

④⑤。☆favorite fruit¿?──── i don’t hate any tho

④⑥。☆a song you love singing¿?──── fate

④⑦。☆if you’re to propose¿?──── if? then i need to do it well

④⑧。☆name of your future son daughter¿?──── i need to have them first then i’ll know

④⑨。☆good point of people who sent mail to you¿?──── the replies are frigging short

⑤ⓞ。☆your mail address¿?──── ggganzi__ hanmail. net (in Hangeul)

⑤①。☆who is most likely the first to reply to your mails¿?──── yunjung friends

⑤②。☆who is most likely the last to reply to your mails¿?──── there’s someone

⑤③。☆favorite flower¿?──── pinkish rose

⑤④。☆your most serious concern now¿?──── everything’s fine tho.

⑤⑤。☆favorite number¿?──── 7

⑤⑥。☆you’re the prettiest when¿?──── everyday,

⑤⑦。☆if the computer explodes when you’re in the middle of the 100Q 100A¿?──── guess i’ll write it again then ㅋㅋ

⑤⑧。☆my opinion on homosexual love¿?──── ㅋ nuts

⑤⑨。☆when you’re most hurt¿?──── when getting an injection ㅎ

⑥ⓞ。☆your total property now¿?──── anything for my chick ㅋㅎ

⑥①。☆kind of personality you hate the most¿?──── jerks who speak in a curt manner

⑥②。☆title of favorite book¿?──── i haven’t read that many books so the books that i’ve read so far ㅋ

⑥③。☆if a friend stands you up¿?──── call to curse at him then meet up to give him a lesson ㅎ

⑥④。☆mental burden regarding money¿?──── pretend to feel burdened while still receiving it

⑥⑤。☆do you like sunlight or moonlight ¿?──── moonlight

⑥⑥。☆what you wanna get as a birthday gift¿?──── just thankful that they’re giving me a gift ㅎ

⑥⑦。☆favorite animal¿?──── puppy.

⑥⑧。☆your religion¿?──── buddhism.

⑥⑨。☆what you wanna do on rainy days¿?──── use an umbrella and go watch a movie,

⑦ⓞ。☆monthly income¿?──── originally it’s 20,000 won but i’ll get more if i find a part time job ㅋ

⑦①。☆favorite season¿?──── autumn

⑦②。☆what do you do when you’re bored¿?──── texting, using computer

⑦③。☆favorite sentence¿?──── i like you ㅋ

⑦④。☆usual sleeping time¿?──── 8 hours 30 minutes

⑦⑤。☆kiss experience¿?──── of course none

⑦⑥。☆i do this when i’m scared¿?──── ㅋ act as if i’m not scared

⑦⑦。☆you use internet once in how many hours¿?──── 2 hours 30 minutes?

⑦⑧。☆how many hours how many minutes can you wait¿?──── i give you 15 minutes

⑦⑨。☆what you usually wear/ clothes that suit you¿?──── uniform, of course

⑧ⓞ。☆a memory you most frequently think of¿?──── my memory is good so it’s very complicated

⑧②。☆when you wanna use internet the most¿?──── when i wake up.

⑧③。☆your current goal or wish¿?──── world’s strongest ㅋ.

⑧④。☆if you have 1,000,000 won¿?──── use it on my chick ㅋㅋ

⑧⑤。☆sports you’re good at¿?──── there’s no sports i’m bad at tho ㅎ

⑧⑥。☆sleeping-out experience¿?──── in a farewell party of my friend

⑧⑦。☆something you do as a hobby¿?──── listening to mp3 or texting or computer

⑧⑧。☆shoe size¿?──── 260

⑧⑨。☆meaning of your name¿?──── a reliable person ㅎㅎ

⑨ⓞ。☆your biggest strength and weakness, personality wise¿?──── strength is being great, weakness is pretending to be great ㅋ

⑨①。☆how many meals per day¿?──── exactly 3 times

⑨②。☆something you’re comparatively good at¿?──── face and study ㅎ

⑨③。☆first love experience¿?──── now ㅋ.

⑨④。☆from whom did you receive the 100Q 100A¿?──── girls

⑨⑤。☆how much can you drink¿?──── i don’t drink

⑨⑥。☆do you smoke¿?──── why do it when you’re gonna be scolded if you get caught

⑨⑦。☆what you wanna say to people who are reading this¿?──── do you wanna know about me that bad.

⑨⑧。☆the person you think of now¿?──── the person i like.

⑨⑨。☆the person you love is¿?──── … do i need to say it?

①ⓞⓞ。☆what did you feel while doing the 100Q 100A¿?──── it seems the 1000Q 1000A will be harder than this

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*the correct pronunciation is na-ru-to, but he typed it as na-ru-teo
** ‘obvious’ but he made a typo
*** ‘meeting’ is a get-to-know gathering between a group of boys and a group of girls. some might agree to meet separately afterward.
**** ‘buddy buddy’ is a Korean messenger that was very popular in the 2000s
***** ‘Cow Boy'(2003) is a song by Click-B, ‘Come Back To Me'(2003) is a song by Se7en

030522| Ju-myeo-ni 100Q 100A

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